Ecological Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Welcome to the Orrock Lab webpage! We are interested in behavior, ecological interactions, and how space mediates ecological and evolutionary dynamics. We are particularly interested in questions where these three themes converge, with a focus on biological invasion, conservation, and disease. Our primary research foci fall into several interconnected categories:


Anti-predator behavior and the ecology of fear

Using large-scale predator manipulations to understand how closely prey track risk.
Risk of attack and the behavior of animals and plants: Information use in predator-prey and plant-herbivore interactions.
Indirect effects, biological invasions, and the ecology of disease  
Cryptic effects of biological invasions: refuge habitats and disease risk.
Is predator diversity good for your health? The interplay of climate and predators in affecting disease in prey populations.
Plant-consumer interactions and large-scale patterns in plant communities  
Do consumers and climate interact to drive widespread plant recruitment failure?
How does climate shape the strength of herbivore-mediated biological invasions? A global experiment in the Nutrient Network.
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