Ecological interactions at the intersection of spatial ecology, global change, and behavioral ecology.

Sevana Cordero (PhD Student)

My broad research interests lie in invasive plant ecology and herbivory. The native biodiversity of an ecosystem is an important factor in the preservation of natural habitats. My goal is to develop research that looks at specific species behaviors that can change the context of the Midwestern forest understories. To do this, I plan to use large scale observational and experimental studies.

In the Orrock lab, I am expanding my previous research into the ecological interactions between White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) and invasive plant species. In the American East, White-Tailed Deer are grossly overpopulated and decimate the variety of ecosystems they inhibit due to overgrazing. I am currently attempting to conceptualize the impact historic land usage has on the dietary habits of deer to better understand the impact this has on invasive plant spread.